Как к английским словам подобрать рифмы

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Под рифмой понимают повторение одинаковых или похожих звуковых сочетаний, расположенных в конце двух и более слов. Её используют, чтобы придать речи складность, приятную слуху. Для этого чаще всего рифмуют последние слова в строках стихотворений, песен.

При этом рифма бывает:

  • полной. В этом случае совпадут все звуки после ударной гласной (tight – light);
  • неполной. Должны повторяться согласные или гласные звуки (worth – forth, sale – rain);
  • составной. Рифмуют сочетания слов (bottom – shot him);
  • зрительной. Слова пишутся идентично, но к звучанию идентичность не имеет отношения (wood – blood).
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Популярные рифмы английского языка

Me – be, fee, free, key, tea, tree, sea, see, she, we.

Love – above, dove, enough, glove, half, laugh, of, off, shove, staff, tough.

You – adieu, blue, blew, dew, do, few, knew, ooh, threw, through, to, too, two, true, rescue, shoe, view, who, zoo.

Time – I’m, climb, clime, crime, fine, lime, mine, rhyme.

Life – alive, dive, drive, five, knife, rife, strife, wife.

Heart – apart, art, cart, chart, fart, part, smart, start.

Now – allow, how, low.

Up – but, cup.

It – admit, bit, fit, grit, hit, knit, meet, shit, sit, split.

Out – about, around, cloud, doubt, ground, shout, sound, without.

Money – bunny, funny, honey, mummy, sunny.

Down – brown, clown, crown, frown, town.

Back – attack, black, crack, hack, pack, track.

Day – away, clay, deejay, delay display, grey, hey, lay, may, okay, pay, play, relay, replay, say, stay, they, today, way.

Dream – beam, been, between, cream, extreme, green, marine, scream, screen, steam, stream, supreme, swim, team, teen, theme.

Go – ago, blow, bellow, flow, glow, grow, hello, know, no, oh, show, slow, snow, so, throw.

Word – award, accord, bird, board, record, scored, stored, third.

Mind – behind, declined, defined, designed, divined, find, kind, remind, signed.

Night – bite, bright, light, delight, fight, flight, height, knight, might, right, sight, slight, tight, tonight, white.

Again – men, ten, then, when.

Game – became, came, claim, frame, name, same.

Smile – aisle, I’ll, isle, mile, style, vile, while.

This – assist, bliss, consist, exist, insist, kiss, miss, peace, resist.

One – anyone, done, fun, gone, none, run, sun.

Man – can, fan, ran. In – been, begin, between, clean, green, keen, mean, queen, seen, skin.

Face – case, lace, place, race, space.

Star – are, bar, car, far, guitar.

Good – could, foot, hood, mood, should, shoot, stood, wood, would.

Crazy – amazing, baby, easy, lady, lazy, maybe.

Pain – brain, campaign, champagne, complain, explain, in vain, lane, main, plain, rain, train.

Eyes – dies, guys, ice, lies, nice, price, slice, sunrise, surprise, twice.

Thing – bring, king, nothing, ring, sing, spring, sting.

Better – matter.

Best – chest, crest, quest, rest, test, west.

Head – bed, bread, dead, had, red, said.

Change – range, strange.

Over – clover, cover.

More – bore, door, for, four, floor, score, store.

That – bad, cat, dad, fat, flat, glad, mad, sad.

Real – deal, feel, hill, steel, still.

Friend – band, defend, descend, depend, end, hand, land, send, spend, stand, trend, understand.

I – buy, by, bye, cry, defy, deny, die, dry, eye, fly, goodbye, guy, high, inside, lie, my, pie, side,sigh, shy, sky, tie, try, why.

Here – clear, dear, fear, fever.

Alone – flown, home, own, phone, stone.

All – ball, call, doll, curl, girl, fall, mall, roll, small, soul, tall, wall, world.

Wrong – along, belong, long, song, strong.

Fire – admire, denier, desire, entire, fighter, flower, flyer, higher, inspire, liar, power.

Hate – create, date, eight, fate, gate, great, late, locate, state, wait.

Stop – top, cop, pop, drop, shop.

Fine – combine, dine, divine, design, line, mine, nine, shine, sign, time, vine, wine.

Forever – ever, never, together.

Boy – destroy, employ, enjoy, joy, toy.

Need – beat, feed, kid, meet, seat, sheet, speed, street, sweet, weed.

Future – nature, picture.

Self – brave, gave, help, save, wave.

Cold – gold, old, rolled, sold, told, want.

Care – bear, hair, pair, share, square, there, wear, where.

Truth – smooth, sooth.

Chance – dance, ends, fans, France, friends, hands, romance, sense, tense.

Hurt – alert, a lot, comfort, desert, dot, forgot, hot, jackpot, not, slot, shot.

Reason – frozen, season.

Cool – full, pool, rule, school, stool, tool, wool.

God – blood, flood, mud. Level – devil.

Body – beauty, dirty, party.

Happen – happy, heaven, seven.

Book – brook, cook, hook, look, took.

Hell – well, shell, fell, bell, tell, sell, smell, spell.

City – duty, kitty, pity, pretty.

Tomorrow – shadow, swallow, window, yellow, fellow.

Much – such, touch.

Worry – hurry, sorry.

News – blues, confuse, muse, shoes.

Flash – crash, hash, mash, smash, splash, trash.

Walk – block, lock, rock, shock, talk.

Believe – eve, live, leave.

Rent – present, prevent, sent, tent.

Take – brake, cake, fake, lake, make, shake, snake, wake.

Child – mild, smiled, wild. Let – debt, forget, net, set, sunset, yet.

Respect – connect, correct, direct, effect, expect, reflect, select, suspect.

Lip – chip, deep, equip, hip, jeep, keep, ship, skip, sleep, sweep.

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