Упражнения по теме «Артикль»

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Упражнения по употреблению неопределённого артикля:

  1. There is … table opposite the chair. … table is very nice.

a) a/A

b) the/A

c) -/The

d) a/The

2.   … cat (подразумевается: любая кошка) likes purring. My cat liked meowing as well.

a) The

b) –

c) An

d) A

3.  She is so unsociable. She has only … few (несколько) close friends. What … pity!

a) a/a
b) the/the
c) a/-
d) the/a

4. Let’s have … smoke! — It’s … shame! You still smoke … cigars!

a) a/a/-
b) the/the/-
c) -/-
d) a/the/the

5.  Why are you always in … hurry? Because … time is … money.

a) the/the/the
b) a/a/a
c) a/-/-
d) -/-/-

6. Please give me … book to read. – Which one? – … book that is on your left.

a) a/The
b) a/A
c) the/A
d) A/A

7.  Do you have … car? No, I prefer going on … foot or by …bus.

a) a/a/a
b) the/the/the
c) a/-/the
d) a/-/-

8.  She’s … citizen of …USA.

a) a/a
b) a/-
c) the/the
d) a/the

9.  My husband works as … pilot. It means that I can go by … air at a low price.

a) a/-
b) a/a
c) the/the
d) -/-

10.  Do you read any newspapers? – Yes I read … “Times” and … “Komsomol”.

a) a/a
b) -/-
c) the/the
d) the/a


  1. d
  2. d
  3. a
  4. a
  5. c
  6. a
  7. d
  8. d
  9. a
  10. c

Упражнение по употреблению определённого артикля

  1. It’s an ancient table.

Вставьте правильный артикль:

… table was designed by a famous designer in 1966.

a) An
b) A
c) The
d) –

2.  He is … third person who has failed to release (не удалось раскрыть) a parachute.

a) the
b) a
c) –
d) an

3.  I wanted to be … barber but now I work at … butcher’s.

a) the/the
b) a/the
c) a/a
d) -/the

4.  … African elephant (вид этих животных) is not about to die out (вымирать). It’s nothing more than … fib (не более, чем выдумка).

a) a/the
b) the/a
c) the/-
d) -/a

5.  … milk that I bought in the supermarket turned sour in just … day.

a) the/the
b) a/a
c) -/-
d) the/a

6.  …Sun never rises in …West. — Really? To tell … truth I didn’t know it.

a) a/the/a
b) the/the/the
c) a/a/a
d) -/a/the

7. She is … very poor woman. We have to raise money for her because we ought to help … poor.

a) the/the
b) a/a
c) a/the
d) -/the

8.  I like … Ivanovs (про семью). They are … very united family.

a) the/a
b) a/a
c) -/a
d) a/the

9.  My city is … most beautiful city.

a) –
b) the
c) a/the
d) a

10.  When will be … next stop. There won’t be any stops any more. It was … last stop.

a) a/a
b) a/the
c) the/the
d) the/-


1. c
2. a
3. b
4. b
5. d
6. b
7. c
8. a
9. c (a most beautiful city – чрезвычайно красивый город, the most beautiful city – самый красивый город).
10. C

Упражнения для закрепления по теме «Артикль»

Вставьте правильный артикль:

1.  “Is this your … friend?” — “No, it isn’t my … friend, it is my sister”.
2. I have a sister. My … sister is a teacher. My sister’s … husband is a pilot.
3. I have no … car.
4. She has got a terrible … headache.
5. They have a dog and two … cats.
6. My … cousin says he is going to be a manager one … day.
7. Would you like an apple?
8. This is a tree. The tree is green.
9. I can see three … children. The children are playing in the yard.
10. I have a car. The car is white. My … friend has no … car.

Вставьте артикли в пословицах, если требуется:

1.  An apple a day keeps the doctor away.
2. The appetite comes with eating.
3. A good beginning makes a good ending.
4. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.
5. Among the blind the one-eyed man is king.
6. Brevity is the soul of wit.
7. A cat has nine lives.
8. Charity begins at home.
9. Clothes make the man.
10. Curiosity killed the cat.

Вставьте вместо пропусков правильные артикли — определенные, неопределенные или же нулевые. Под нулевыми понимается отсутствие, какого бы то ни было артикля.

1. Many people have … pets. – У многих людей есть домашние питомцы.

2. We have … big garden in … country. My granny used to work in … the garden. – За городом у нас есть большой сад. Моя бабушка привыкла работать в саду.

3. Elisabeth knows how to knit … pullovers. – Элизабет умеет вязать пуловеры (= свитеры).

4. Mary knows how to cook … soup. – Мэри знает, как сварить суп (= умеет варить суп).

5. My cousin doesn`t like … tomato juice. – Моя двоюродная сестра не любит томатный сок.

6. At … beginning of June Sarah goes on … holiday. – В начале июня Сара уйдет в отпуск.

7. They will play … chess if … weather is rainy. – Они будут играть в шахматы, если погода будет дождливой.

8. Harry made … mistakes in … test. … most mistakes were corrected. – Гарри сделал ошибки в контрольной работе. Большинство ошибок было исправлено.

9. John told them … road was closed. – Джон сказал им, что дорога закрыта.

10. It is past … time Jane usually goes to school. – Время, когда Джейн обычно выходит в школу, прошло.

11. There was … big palm tree in front of … their window. – Напротив их окна росла большая пальма.

Ответы: 1. -. 2. A, the, the. 3. -. 4. A. 5. –. 6. The, -. 7. -, the. 8. -, the, the. 9. The. 10. The. 11. A



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